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Saturday, December 05, 2015

What's Inside our Travel Kit

My hands had been full for the past few months, and so is our schedule.  I had missed being to the beach and luckily my youngest brother was so generous that he gifted our family with airfare tickets. So, off to a beach we shall go before this year ends.  But before that, I need to ensure a worry free vacation and this means I have to check travel essentials. Now, for us, travel essentials include my trusted medicines and other products from Unilab.

I have grown seeing Biogesic as a staple medicine in our first aid cabinet.  When I had my family and kids, it is still my go-to medicine for headaches and minor aches and pains.  

Recently, the little princess has been diagnosed with Allergic Rhinitis and since then I ensure that we have Allerkid and NasoClear handy if ever she needs it.  Mahirap na hindi maging ready lalo na at island ang destinasyon namin.

The past few years I have witnessed how my skin turns dull and dry every time that the Amihan season is here.  I am glad to find an affordable moisturizer that suits my skin's needs.  Celeteque Dermoscience Facial Moisturizer is so nice to use since it is water-based and oil free.  I never tried any other facial moisturizer since I started using Celeteque a few years ago.  

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Becoming a Child again at Movie Stars Cafe

When I was a young girl, I have always been fascinated with movies and how they are made.  I was a teenager when I dreamed to become one but my family did not supported my ambition hence I did not pushed with it.  Visiting MovieStars Cafe last April 26 fulfilled my dream of becoming a star even just for a night. What with all the characters that I was able to mingle with who wouldn't feel like a star for a night.

It is good that we came in really early because we had the chance to take lots of photo before the area was filled up.  The place wasn't hard to find especially during the night because they have search lights and they say that it can be seen to as far as 4 kilometers from the place.  Mala Batman lang ang peg!
But since we came in when the sun was still up, these are the signs greeted us.

Spiderman, the Alien and Jack Skellington and her bride

goofing around with Kingkong

Our food attendant told us that the area could really get cramped up during weekends so it's good that we have a reservation.  The place has a sitting capacity of 300 persons.  Once we get in, we were greeted by their nice staff and we were seated right away to an area near the buffet table.  I immediately noticed that they do have an open kitchen which is a plus factor for us.  My firstborn loves to see how food is being prepared so it was already an entertaining thing for him.  I was not able to check out the restroom though because I was soooo busy taking photos of the place.  Hubby was the one who took care of changing the little princess' nappy when it was time to do so.  He gave the restroom area two thumbs up because there was a diaper changing area even on the Men's restroom.

inside Movie Stars Cafe

Having two men who are hungry and two ladies who wants to sample most of the items on the buffet table, we did not hesitated on going for the Dino Buffet for the four of us.  The kid was able to satisfy his burger cravings because he was actually able to create his own masterpiece.  The other dishes were good but I loved their pasta most.  The pasta was al dente and the sauces were oh-so-good that it made me come back for more. Oh and I forgot to mention that their DIY Salad bar contains really crisp and fresh green.

Even if there is not much on the buffet table, I would say that the price was reasonable enough.  Remember that you not only enjoy good food here but great entertainment, too.  That's money spent wisely 'no?

Buffet Price:

Dinner Buffet starts at 6:00PM-10:00PM
Php 699.00 add Php 99.00 Drink all you can (soda, coffee/tea, iced tea, juice, draft/beer)
Php 400.00 (6-12 years old)
Php 299.00 (3-5 years old)
FREE (0-2 years old)
Add Php 100 on Fri, Sat, Sun, Holiday and the day before Holidays and Holidays

Midnight Buffet (10PM- 2AM) Php 599.00 All you can drink 

Now about the shows.  It was a Saturday, when we went there and the main performance was the Lion King.  It was a good decision to wait for the main performance because it brought me back to the days when I sat in front of our good ol' TV set and enjoyed the movie while it was being played in video.
 I was amazed that I still remember the lyrics of the songs and could still sing along with most of it.  The lady played the Priest has such a very powerful voice.  I literally thug my group to have our picture taken with the cast.

The show is every 30 minutes and most of the shows lasted at about 10 minutes.  But for me, the whole time that we spend inside the resto was a big part show. You get to rub elbows with your childhood superheroes or teenage crushes.  I even became Mime's love interest that night since we seem to wear a couples' shirt.

If you want to experience good food and great entertainment, hop on over to Movie Stars Cafe. Want to get discounts, just use code TFID-2204 and get 10% off your bill.

For reservations and more information, contact details are as follows:

Cellphone Numbers:
Globe: 0905-277-9999
Smart: 0908-200-9999
Email Add: info@moviestarscafe.com
Business Hours:
Monday-Saturdays: 12pm - 2am
Holiday-Sunday: 12pm-12am
 Seaside Blvd, SM MAll of Asia, Pasay City, Philippines
Hot line: (02) 550-1234
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MovieStarsCafe

Thanks Movie Stars Cafe and Mommy Bloggers Philippines for making my dream of becoming a star to come true. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

NASOCLEAR: Breaking away with Allergic Rhinitis in 1-2-3

My family had always been dealing with allergic rhinitis and we all know that summer time is not a nice time for people with allergic rhinitis.  In as much as we want to go out and smell the flowers per se, we just couldn't, since it triggers our allergies.  Not to mention that it is during the dry season that air pollutants are also in abundance.  Good thing that Unilab already came out with Nasoclear.

Nasoclear is made of 0.65% Saline solution and 0.02% Benzalkonium chloride that goes by the generic name Sodium Chloride.  We have always been told by ENT doctors that saline solution works better in declogging runny nose due to allergic rhinitis than taking antihistamines.  According to them, nasal spray are the first line of defense against allergic rhinitis.  It's even better than taking medicines since it is just like irrigating your nasal cavities with saline solution. It helps in moisturizing the nasal cavity thus relieving nasal congestion.  

Nasoclear comes in a pump spray mist that is not just easy to use but also very handy.  What I like most about this is that it comes with its own safety clip and cap.  This will ensure that the product wont get sprayed on unless you remove the clip and cap.  My son has shown really good improvement since he has been using this daily.  I bet this will be a staple item in our first aid kit box.

Do not be intimidated by the look of NasoClear.  Using it is as easy as 1-2-3. 

  1. After removing the safety clip and cap,tilt your head forward and breathe out. Hold the nozzle between your fingers and squeeze.
  2. Spray the solution into one nostril while covering the other nostril.
  3. Spray 2 times in each nostril in the morning and at night.

We are no first timers in using nasal sprays but my son swears that just after 2 days of using Nasoclear, he noticed the improvement unlike with others wherein he needs to finish the 5 day usage term that is allowed by ENTs.  I would suggest you ask a doctor, an ENT specialist, if you feel that the product is not helping you in such a way it is supposed to do. 

Nasoclear is distributed by UNILAB.  To know more about Nasoclear and other health products from UNILAB, follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Let Naturhouse help you lose two pounds healthily in one week

Summertime has always been associated with swimwears, beach parties and sexy bodies. If you are like me who just gave birth a few months ago, chances are you are looking for a healthy way to shed off fats.  Fret not then, Spanish dietetics specialist Naturhouse is looking to expand its presence in Asia, with its first shop scheduled to be inaugurated on 6 April this year, here in the Philippines.

Naturhouse has expressed bullishness on the Philippine market citing that Filipinos are now ready for the type of unique health and wellness service that it provides. “Filipinos have been very health conscious the past few years and we took note of this in our preparations.” according to Naturhouse Philippines President Jon Rocha. It speaks volumes about Filipinos' increased awareness and desire towards living a healthy lifestyle, which is what Naturhouse is really all about and offers.

Naturhouse expects potential business in the Philippines to reach more than € 2 million in the coming years as it slowly expands northward and southward to other urban centers. “ We will not only introduce a way of living healthy to the Philippine  market, but also create jobs in the process” according to Rocha.

Dietetics defined as the science of applying nutritional principles to the planning and preparation of foods and regulation of the diet in relation to both health and disease, is what Naturhouse offers the Filipino.

Over the years, a marked increase in cases of non-communicable/chronic/lifestyle diseases has been observed not only globally, but also in the Philippines. According to the Department of Health (DOH), more than 44 million Filipinos either suffer from obesity, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and chronic respiratory diseases.

Because of this, the World Health Organization, through the DOH, commissioned the Nutritionist-Dietitian's Association of the Philippines to establish a set of guidelines on healthy eating which will serve as a basis for a certification program for food manufacturers and establishments.

Natur house fact sheet.jpg

You might be wondering how Naturhouse differs from other businesses that promises weight loss. At Naturhouse, programs are geared toward the promotion of healthy living among Filipinos. A nutritionist will guide every client to reach their desired weight goals. There will be no crash diets or hit-miss diets said Melody Melo, Head Nutritionist for Naturhouse.

Naturhouse will provide specific nutritional guidelines that have been developed by dietary professionals who provide advice along with details on how to lose weight and address issues like stress, cellulite, among others. Each solution is designed with specific nutritional characteristics to speed up the required results in each case.

"It is our mission to educate people how to eat properly and how to retain their ideal weight," said Rick Cabanban, Lead project manager who trained in offices in Spain and France for the operations of Naturhouse Philippines.

Currently there are 2,000 Naturhouse establishments around the world. Nearly 900 of these establishments are located outside of Spain. In 2011 alone, over 240 shops have been opened abroad. 4 million satisfied clients from around the globe have lost weight with the Naturhouse method.

Naturhouse is owned by the Kiluva Group of Spain, the leading Spanish corporation in dietetics and nutrition sector. It provides specialized services and exclusive products of the highest quality for the health conscious markets such as Naturhouse. C.F. Sharp Trading, Inc. is the Master Franchise holder of Naturhouse for the Philippines.

Aside from the Philippines, Naturhouse is also expanding in other Asian markets such as China, Malaysia and Singapore.

If you want to be one of the very first to try out Naturhouse, please head on to their first branch on April 6, 2014 at 10am, located at SM City North Edsa lower ground floor main building.
Naturhouse products photo.jpg
Wondering if its possible?
Head on to their website to know more!

For more information, you may visit and like their facebook page: Natur House Philippines

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The rose that made me cry

My eldest child graduated from Elementary two days ago.  A part of me is wishing that I could brag about him getting medal for academic excellence but he did not have that kind of award.  Despite of that I am still beaming with pride not only because he will soon be in grade 7 but because he was awarded for being the most helpful in class.  He was given the award because after typhoon Yolanda devastated the Visayas region, he suggested to his teachers that instead of buying prizes and candies from their Christmas savings perhaps they could just send the full amount to the Yolanda victims.  He even asked the teacher to ask the class if they are willing to give every cent to the victims.  What makes me more proud is that he asked the teacher not to drop his name when the suggestion is blurted out to the class.  The whole school took the cue from that generous act.  All the classes decided to offer their class' christmas savings to the typhoon victims.  He was beaming with pride when he told me about this but he kept quiet whenever talks about the mystery person who suggested about the project to the school.

I was teary eyed when the program ended but it was not because of him moving up to high school.  It was because he took an effort to pick the only pink flower among all the white ones that decorated the stage.  She gave it to me and kissed me after saying his gratitude.  Unlike his classmates who no longer wants hugs and kisses from their parents, my soon-to-be-12-year-old-boy still kisses me in public.  A lot of parents raised an eyebrow when my son kissed me but to us it's not something to be ashamed of.  I always tell him to take pride he has a family and to not be afraid and shy to show affection whenever he feels like.  Please do not think that we don't have rough days in our house because we do have, and we have a bunch.  There are a lot of instances when my son would tell me I'm too bossy and I'm such a nagging mom.  But I guess in the end, he still loves me wholeheartedly and that really made my day.  
a new chapter of my son's life

In the end, it's really not about the medals or trophies that matter during recognition day/ graduation day.  At least for me, it's more of the knowledge and the attitude that has been embedded on the next generation.